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Trudi Hayden

Paintings Inspired by Nature


About the Artist

Trudi’s paintings stem from her deep love of the countryside. Living in the village of Alderton on the edge of the Cotswolds, she finds new scenes to paint daily while on wanderings with her dog.

Some places create an impact upon the observer, and for Trudi, the show that nature provides is the key to making her stop and stare.

It is these fleeting observations of light, shade, season and atmosphere that she attempts to capture in her paintings. She invites the viewer to take a moment to absorb the mood of each piece, and imagine gentle winds or the feel of warm sunshine...

Trudi is self-taught, specialising in the versatility of acrylic paint. She has been a professional artist since 2007. She has exhibited extensively around the Cotswolds and South West, including the Royal West of England Academy. Her work is in collections overseas and across the UK

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