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Trudi Hayden

Paintings Inspired by Nature

4 Seasons Oak painting

Limited Edition, Signed, Giclée Fine-Art Prints

For more information on these prints, including details on how to purchase yours, please see below.

Awakening Woods.jpg

Awakening Woods

Original 90cm x 60cm

'Interlaced Embers' painting of fan of bare trees against the sunset

Interlaced Embers

Original 16x12"

Painting of a Bluebell Glade in woodlands

Bluebell Glade

Original 20x16"

Painting of a Cotswold field filled with poppies and edged with wild flowers

Poppy Field

Original 30x24"


Original 16x20"

Painting of bulrushes catching the morning light by the side of the road
Painting of wintry woodland path in morning light

Illumined Path

Original 16x20"

Painting of bluebells and wild garlic in woods atop Dumbleton Hill

May Bluebells

Original 18x24"

Painting of cherry tree in blossom at Cheltenham's Pittville Park

Pittville Blossom

Original 30x24"

'Yellow and Green' Painting of view from Dumbleton Hill across fieldsof rapeseed

Yellow & Green

Original 30x24"

'Enlightened Moment' Painting of an uplifting view across young crops

Enlightened Moment

Original 36x24"

Painting of High Bridge, Bourton-on-the-Water'

High Bridge,


Original 20x16"

Dumbleton Glimpse

Original 30x24"

'Dumbleton Glimpse' Painting of lake on grounds of Dumbleton Hall Hotel

Spring Breaks

Original 12x16"

'Spring Breaks'Painting of woodland glade breaking into first new leaves of Spring

Spring Meadow

Original 12x16"

'Spring Meadow' Painting of Spring blossoms and buttercup meadow
'Rooted' Painting of gnarly tree roots along a woodland path


Original 32x40"

'Ripples' Painting of wet sand and pebbles at the beach


Original 30x24"

Cleeve Poppies

Original 24x30"

'Cleeve Poppies' Painting of poppies blowing in the wind on Cleeve Hill

Cleeve View

Original 24x30"

'Cleeve View' Painting of a view from the roadside at Cleeve Hill

An English Garden

Original 16x20"

'An English Garden' Painting of a flower-filled garden in sunlight

Bredon Hill View

Original 16x20"

'Bredon Hill View' Painting of a view towards Bredon Hill

May Pool

Original 30x24"

'May Pool' Painting of sunlight reflected across a pond
'Tranquil Waters' Painting of the River Eye at Lower Slaughter

Tranquil Waters

Original 30x24"

Painting of Hailes Abbey near Winchcombe

Hailes Abbey

Original 30x24"

Cheltenham Cricket Festival

Original 16x12"

'Cheltenham Cricket Fetival' Painting of Gloucestershire CC playing at the Festival at Cheltenham College

Blacksmith's Road, Alderton

Original 20x16"

'Blacksmith's Road, Alderton' Painting of Cotswold village road
Painting of the peregrine 'Bobbin' arriving at her perch in Worcester Cathedral

Bobbin, Worcester Cathedral Peregrine

Original 20x16"

Painting of two buzzards in winter branches


Original 39x27"

Autumn's Dawn

Original 30x24"

'Autumn's Dawn' Painting of Autumnal mist over Cotswold Fields

Bourton Reflections

Original 16x12"

'Bourton Reflections' Painting of Bourton on the Water
'Cloudburst' Painting of dramatic sunset-lit clouds


Original 24x30"

'Autumn Trail' Pathway through Autumnal Woods

Autumn Trail

Original 39x59"


Original 24x30"

'Evening' Painting of cow parsley seedheads silhouted against a sunset over the Malverns

Alderton View

Original 16x20"

'Alderton View' Painting of view to Alderton from Dumbleton Hill at harvest time

Autumn Crest

Original 16x20"

'Autumn Crest' Painting of the top of the path known locally as The Dungeons, on Dumbleton Hill
'Sunset Perch' Painting of Lost elm with Buzzard perched atop in the last light of day

Sunset Perch

Original 24x30"

'Windrush Way' Painting of trees reflected idn the river Windrush just outside Bourton on the Water

Windrush Way

Original 24x30"

Avenue Bridge No. 10

Original 20x16"

Walk in the Malverns

Original 30x20"

'Walk in the Malverns' Painting of view up along the Malvern Hills


Original 12x16"

'Moored' Painting of boat at Gloucester Docks

Cotswold Road at Dawn

Original 12x16"

'Cotswold Road at Dawn' Painting of misty trees lining the road ahead
'Winter Ramble' Painting of a crunchy snowy path up through a winter woodland

Winter Ramble

Original 30x24"

'Winter Trees' Painting of skeletal trees fanned across a frosty landscape

Winter Trees

Original 30x24"

'Alderton Frost' Painting of view across misty landscape towards Alderton

Alderton Frost

Original 30x24"


Original 30x24"

'Sledging' Painting of sledgers on snowy Cotswold landscape

Mirrored Hush

Original 24x30"

'Mirrored Hush' Painting of tranquil stream in the snow

Broadway Tower

Original 12x16"

Painting of Broadway Tower through the mist
'Ascending Glow' Painting of a rising hillside topped with sunset-tipped trees

Ascending Glow

Original 24x36"

'Winter Crest' A Painting of a snowy pathway climbing Dumbleton Hill

Winter Crest

Original 20" x 28"

'Postlip Steps' Painting of aged stone steps at Postlip Hall


Original 8x20"

'Woodland Shadows' Painting of Spring sunshine through tree trunks, Leckhampton Hill

Woodland Shadows

Original 31x12"

Painting of Gloucester Docks with someone sitting on a bench in the foregound

Gloucester Docks

Original 8x20"

A Quiet Retreat

Original 8x20"

'A Quiet Retreat' Painting of a garden pond and slate water feature
'Gloucestershire Horizon' A misty view towards Oxenton Hill

Gloucestershire Horizon

Original 20x8"

'Silver LInings' Brightly lit view over Cotswold landscape

Silver Linings

Original 24"x12"

'Hillside Grasses' Painted triptych of seed heads and grasses on a misty hillside

Hillside Grasses

Original 3 x 12"x12"

About These Prints

These Giclée prints meet The Fine Art Trade Guild standards. They are created professionally by award-winning printers, to give incredible detailed prints that will not fade in sunlight and are colour-fast for at least 75-100 years. Giclée inks are used on archival quality, acid free 315gsm Fine Art Paper.

Trudi’s prints are limited to 300, and are faithful reproductions of her original paintings. Each print has been titled, signed, and numbered by the artist.

Print Prices

Prints are available in the following standard sizes, up to the size of the original painting:

6x4” image within 10x8” mount................... £24

9x12” image within 12x16” mount.................... £40

6x15” or triptych within 8x20” mount ............... £40

11x5.5" within 14x8" mount ............................. £25

17x8.5" within 21x 12" mount .......................... £40

12x16” within 16x20” mount/unmounted ......... £48

16x20” unmounted ......................................... £60

30x24” unmounted .......................................... £110


Please visit my new Etsy shop to purchase some prints directly, or send an email to order any prints which aren't on there yet.

Prices do not included P & P.

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